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5 Effective Tips for Segmenting Your Email List (that really work!)

Did you know that effectively segmenting your email list(s) can result in higher Open Rates, Click Rates and Conversions, along with lowering unsubscribes and spam complaints?

Did you know that all these metrics are taken into consideration when ISPs (like Gmail) decide whether to place your email in your subscriber’s inbox or spam folder?

To sum it up simply, effective list segmentation results in more of your emails getting to your subscriber’s inbox. If that’s not enough persuasion for you, it also allows you to reach out to those subscribers more often – if they are engaging with your emails, of course!

More Emails = More Revenue (as long as you don’t trigger the ISP Spam Filter)

…And that’s where these segmentation tips come in. They will help get your emails to the right audience at the right time.

Tip #1: Segment Old Subscribers from New

How you do this depends on your business and your customer lifecycle. A good start is by sending new subscribers down a short welcome series before adding them to your overall newsletter. Newer subscribers should be getting different email communications compared to your legacy subscribers.

Tip #2: Segment Old Subscribers into Engagement Categories

Sometimes legacy subscribers, well, disappear. These types of subscribers drag down your metrics. By creating segments based on engagement, you can then identify unengaged subscribers and send them a re-engagement email or remove them from your list.

Tip #3: Segment by Preferences

This can be done easily if you allow subscribers to set-up email preferences. Here you can ask how often they want communications. You’d be surprised at the amount of people who may want to hear from you more often than just once or twice a month!

Tip #4: Segment by Interests

A great way to get to know your subscribers is through a survey. Surveys allow you to ask many questions that help gather data on your audience, which you can use to send more relevant content. Store their answers and then use them to further segment your lists based on subscriber interests.

Tip #5: Segment by Actions/Inaction

This is a great way to target users on a deeper level. Someone may look like an engaged subscriber but it’s possible they are only engaging on one specific piece of content. You can set segments by many different actions/inactions such as:

· Last Opened Date

· Last Clicked Date

· Last date subscriber opened a particular newsletter or email type (this helps to drill down into specific content that a particular subscriber is or isn’t interested in).

· Last Order/Donation Placed

· Last Website Visit

Depending on the data you have, the options can be limitless, but these are some great ones to get started with.

Well, there you have it folks - 5 SIMPLE TIPS to begin segmenting your email list(s) to start generating more revenue (while improving your email reputation at the same time). We’ll chat more about email reputation in a future blog post. In the meantime, happy segmenting! 😊

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