One of the best advertising networks and ecosystems for faith based advertisers. 

We have an expertise in marketing to the Christian audience in a mobile-first world through our technology, partnerships and experience.  Because of this we've acquired millions of users across our products.  

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Your ads will appear in our apps and websites  with millions of ad impressions everyday. 

We provide

low-risk advertising opportunities.

We increase the efficiency of your marketing spend.

We take workload off your internal media team.

Our Audience is 



70% only use Notion Digital products for their Christian content (not available through other Christian products)


40% of users do not use social media (can’t be reached through Facebook)


80+% of our ad impressions are not available through Google and other programmatic channels.

Our Audience's 


Our goal is to build


We do this by creating an experience that is easy for our advertisers and puts their media budget in the best hands.

Our Pricing Model 

We work on a 


To determine a "CPA" we look at an event or KPI that is important  to you such as Newsletter sign ups, registrations, contact requests, downloads, form submits, etc. and then you tell us the rate you want to pay. 

This flexible pricing model has many benefits including: 

01 |  There is no need for an internal team to spend time optimizing impressions, clicks, bids or cost per action.

02 |  There is a low risk for the advertiser - you know exactly what each action will cost. You only pay for users that convert. 

03 |  It forces us to put your best interest first.


We're making digital

more inspirational.  

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