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2021 Planning – Setting Your Business Up For Success

This new year brings new challenges and opportunities that you have not encountered in previous years of marketing planning. The world faces uncertainty around the pandemic and today’s events. Regardless of the outcome, marketing is crucial for your success this year. Here are three things you should keep in mind for 2021 marketing plans.

1. Digital is King

There is no longer a debate or question about how effective digital advertising is. Social media has dominated consumer marketing the last few years. Unfortunately, Facebook and Google have ever-changing algorithms and continue to limit access to certain verticals. Find ways to reach your target audience outside of these platforms. Direct advertising can alleviate your struggle to target the right audience and get space in front of them.

2. Maximize Budgets

2020 most likely shifted budgets and may have even put marketing on the backburner for you. As you look to the new year, maximize your budget. Look for advertising opportunities that allow you to pay per action. Review your analytics. It is crucial for you to know how your marketing dollars will impact your goals. The only way to create a strategic plan is to know your KPIs and track as much data as possible.

3. Know your Audience

It has become more important than ever to know your target audience. The struggles of 2020 impacted everyone. As you look to reach new customers and effectively engage with current prospects, keep their humanity in mind. Ask the who, what, when, where and why questions to identify and market to your audience. Define the places on the internet your target consumer frequents and trusts. Once you determine which outlet to utilize, create a strategy. This will ultimately lead to finding new advertising opportunities.

Reflect on your overall marketing in 2020. Take note of what worked well and what improvements you can make. This new year can be an extension of the good things you started, or a turning point if you were not pleased with the results. Take the appropriate steps in 2021 to create a winning strategy and set your business up for success.

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