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Notion Digital Is Look To Help Christian Non-Profits!

Take our 10 Minute Survey And Get $50 in Gift Cards To Stores Of Your Choice!

Here's What We're Doing:

  • We want to help non-profits so we created questions to understand how you raise donations and what struggles you face

  • All information you provide is annonymous, there's no way for us to tell who you are or  your company

  • The survey is done through Google so we can't keep track of your information.

  • When you complete the survey we bring you back to our website where you enter in your email address for us to your gift cards.  Again, we bring you back to our site so there's no way to tie your answers to your email address.  This is 100% confidential.

  • Every Friday we will send gift cards to participants.


Here Are The Requirements:

  • You must work for a Christian non-profit

  • You must have an understanding of how your organization raises donations and / or spends money on marketing

  • We ask you answer as truthfully as possible. 

  • We ideally only want 1 person to answer per organization, so if you know another colleague filled this out then we ask you don't participate.   

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