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Simple Data: Presentation & Panel From DigitalMediaCon '21

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

See the presentation and panel hosted by Notion Digital CEO, Brian Setaro.

Understanding and using data properly is what tells you if your marketing campaigns are successful, your email series is optimized and if your donation strategies are working. This session starts with a presentation on how Notion Digital has used data to create a large audience and a marketing machine. Tips will also be shared on how any organization can easily start improving how they use data. The conversation then picks up with other industry experts joining in on the conversation in a panel. They will be sharing their thoughts on how organizations are missing the mark on data, what’s working best for them and what changes they foresee coming to how data is used in the future with changes in practices and laws.


Justin Manes: Back To The Bible, Head of Product

Gabe Smith: The Urban Alternative, Project Manager

Emmerson Smith: Pushnami CEO

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